Pubg PC New Updates

Well, this new update for pubg will bring MK47 mutant and Laser Sight. With every new update, pubg is getting better and better every day. Bringing a new technology will be interesting for all of us.

MK47 Mutant

Mk47 mutant a new assault rifle is coming soon in the next update of PUBG. It will share the same damage stats as AKM. MK47 is the only gun to employ two round burst firing. Its magazine holds up to 20 bullets or 30 with an extended magazine. The Mk47 arrives in PUBG PC Patch 21 alongside the new map and game mode, Training Mode, the Tukshai vehicle for Sanhok, a reworked supply system, and a new laser sight attachment.

Laser Sight

It attaches to the lower rail of every gun in the game except a shotgun or a sniper rifle. Every time you hip-fire or soft-aim at enemies, the laser sight decreases bullet spread heavily. Laser sight will be coming to the test servers in the next update. An official release date for the live servers hasn’t been announced yet.

Tukshai vehicle

The Tukshai is a three-wheeled bus vehicle exclusive only to Sanhok, replacing the UAZs, Dacia 1300 and Minibus. The Tukshai, more commonly called 'Tuk-tuk' within the Asia region or 'Autorickshaw' in India. The vehicle will not be that powerful and will lack speed. It will be capable of carrying up to 3 passengers. 

Do let us know in the comments if you are excited too for this new update. For the complete list of patch notes, check out the official forum post.

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