Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode

So a new trailer from DICE is launched for Battlefield 5 and it has provided plenty of information. Battlefield 5 battle royal mode is renamed to firestorm and it supports 64 players. It will consist of 16 teams with 4 players in each team. The firestorm mode will only be available in the squad.
battlefield 5 gameplay
Trailer sadly doesn’t have any new Firestorm footage, but DICE did confirm that the map will be the biggest in history. The trailer gives us a glance at eight multiplayer modes that will be available at launch. Also, there was a mention of war stories, which is a single player campaign.
The Battlefield 5 beta is available starting today but only for players who pre-ordered. On September 6 the Beta version will be available to everyone. The full game will launch on November 20 for all the platforms.

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