Samsung LC24FG73FQ| The Best Budget 144Hz Monitor?

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Hello, Gamers Purab here and today we have our hands with the Samsung's Best Budget Offering Gaming Monitor, The Samsung LC24FG73FQWXXL. The Monitor comes with 144Hz Refresh Rate Along with 1ms Response Time and Samsung claims with to be the World's First Gaming Monitor with 1 ms Response Time! But brands are brands!! So here's our review of the Monitor!

We are going straight forward with the Pros and Cons of the Monitor to help you better! And in a Gamers Way!

Samsung LC24FG73FQ| The Best Budget 144Hz Monitor?


Quantum Dot QLED: To begin with its the only monitor with Quantum Dots in its segment. It means nanocrystals which can produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light. In layman's terms, it allows the color gamut to go beyond the sRGB gamut and produce vibrant, saturated eye-popping colors.

1800R Curvature: This has a 1800R curve which makes the experience more immersive.

VA Panel: Unlike most monitors in its price segment which use TN panels, this has a VA panel. VA offers the best contrast ratio ~3000:1 (way higher than both IPS and TN which are mostly around 1000:1, which allows blacks to look deep and true. Colors are way better than those of TNs. Being a VA has good viewing angles as well.

Samsung LC24FG73FQ| The Best Budget 144Hz Monitor?

High Refresh Rate: As mentioned above its a 144Hz monitor, which means the panel refreshes itself every 144th of a second, which allows you to get more input from the monitor. Every change appears faster.

1ms MPRT: Since VAs are not capable for 1ms response time. This monitor uses backlight-strobing technique termed "MPRT" (Moving Picture Response Time). The backlight strobe reduces the amount of perceived blur and provides a fast response time experience.

Freesync: This monitor comes with FreeSync support as well, which allows the monitor to change its refresh rate to the current frame rates being displayed. This prevents screen tearing. Screen tearing happens when a frame is drawn on top of another frame.

Samsung LC24FG73FQ| The Best Budget 144Hz Monitor?

On-Screen Display: The OSD offers a ton of features, Settings response time, refresh rate, color calibration (R-G-B), brightness control, Low input lag, black equalizer, color presets, etc.

Fully adjustable Stand: The CFG73’s sturdy vertical stand, designed for the most demanding gaming, can tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjust, giving you precise control over how you position the monitor, without space restriction.


The Design and the stand: The bezels are a bit towards the thick side, in my opinion, a thinner bezel would have made it more appealing. Also, the stand is a space-hog, if you have a small desk, it would take a large portion of the desk.

Samsung LC24FG73FQ| The Best Budget 144Hz Monitor?


Overall, this is definitely one of the best monitors in its price segment which offers the smooth 144hz experience and good colors as well. Definitely recommended to others

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