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What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, or CS:GO as it is more commonly called, one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games of all time was launched in 2012. Initially CS:GO wasn't free to play as it is today, but was available to the public at meagre price of $19.99, which was not at all too much considering the diversity and the huge community it had to offer. Today CS:GO is available for free to everyone, though, in order to gain a prime status(in better words to have a better in-game experience), there is an option to buy a Prime upgrade from inside the Steam store itself. However if one is not willing to buy, Valve has another solution for it's players. One can play and rank up to experience level 21, which is also termed Lieutenant Rank 21 in order to receive a free Prime upgrade which will allow one to play in a "Prime lobby". Today, almost 7 years after it's launch, CS:GO is still one of the most played FPS titles on Steam. Counter Strike was originally released 19 years ago, and from there it has taken a wonderful journey. Counter-Strike: Source or CS 1.6, were the most popular multiplayer FPS games until CS:GO came along and changed the eSports scene forever. Today, it hosts some of the largest and highest-paying eSports tournaments in the world, where players from all across the globe come together and showcase their talent on stage.

Game Mode

CS:GO has several gamemodes, the most popular of which is, of course, the competitive mode, where two teams, comprising of 5 players each play against each other in a specific scenario. The team to win 16 rounds, wins the match.
There are two scenarios in CS:GO competitive mode. The most popular and the standard game mode is the Bomb Scenario; it involves either playing as Counter Terrorists and defending the bomb sites while preventing the Terrorists to get a plant in the stipulated time. Or it involves playing as Terrorists and planting the bomb or eliminating all hostiles. Once the bomb is planted the CT(Counter Terrorists) side have 40 seconds to eliminate all Terrorists and defuse the bomb, to win the round. Defusing takes 10 seconds but can be significantly reduced with the help of a defuse kit which can be bought at the beginning of each round. Weapons need to be purchased at round start using the money received from the previous round.

Skins and Crates

Weapons in CS:GO are customisable using cool skins and stickers which can be bought from the Steam community market or unlocked from the cases received as regular drops while ranking up. Skins, if rare, can be sold for a significant amount of money. Trading on the community market is very active all the time.

VAC and Cheaters

Now the next most important thing is addressing hackers and cheaters. Valve has an in built anti cheat engine which will immediately place permanent bans on cheaters with almost no lifting no matter how much the pleas. However some cheaters who manage to bypass the VAC(Valve Anti-Cheat) can be reported against by other players who might suspect them of unusual gameplay. These reports are addressed by Overwatch, an in-game facility where certain players, especially ones who've reached a high skill level or have been playing for a long time, review the game plays of the players who've been reported and if majority of their verdicts go against the favour of the suspect they are given permanent bans.

A Legacy

In spite of being a veteran in the gaming community, CS:GO attracts several thousands of players because of the large number of maps it offers, a lucrative gameplay, a huge and supportive community, and a large eSports platform where people can show their talent even today. So even now, when games like PUBG, Fortnite or Rainbow 6 Seige are trying to steal the limelight, CS:GO remains one of the most thematically rich and popular titles in the world.

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