Square Enix's RPG, The Last Remnant to be de-listed from Steam

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Square Enix's RPG, The Last Remnant to be de-listed from Steam
Square Enix's 2009 JRPG, The Last Remnant, will be removed from Steam soon, on September 4th. As always, no worries to the players who owns the game digitally on the Steam, as you'll be able to keep it forever.
First released in 2008, The Last Remnant is one of those RPGs, very few people played, but those that did mostly fell in love with. The spiritual successor to some of the SaGa series' best ideas, The Last Remnant achieved some success on PC, but it seems like Square Enix is delisting the game in two weeks and it's not entirely clear why.
The Last Remnant follows the story of Rush Sykes, a man on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sister, Irena. Before long, Rush finds himself wrapped up in a much bigger plot that involves mysterious artifacts from antiquity known as Remnants.
The Steam page read, "We will soon be discontinuing digital and physical sales of The Last Remnant on PC," along with departure times by region.

Get it before it's gone for good

Square Enix didn't say why it's removing The Last Remnant from circulation, but anyhow if you want to give a try to this RPG, wait no more as the game vanishes after September 4.
Between now and September 4, you can buy The Last Remnant on Steam for $10.
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