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overwatch world cup 2019 india

Its a proud moment for India and these 7 players who are the Team India roster have made us proud. They will be representing India on the world stage.

This is a big opportunity for India to show their hard work and dedication towards E-sports and gain recognition at the world stage. It will be a dream come true for both players and us (gamers).

India at Overwatch World Cup:

  1. Vatsal Uniyal (NGHTMRE2K)
  2. Girish Das (DJDESTINY)
  3. Nishant Chabbra (ARCHANGEL)
  4. Aman Vivek (CRUZI)
  5. Chirag Gupta (KCOT)
  6. Megh Patel (PRIMALMAGE)
  7. Sparsh Oza (SOUL HUNTER)

When is the Overwatch World Cup 2019?

The tournament will take place in three stages

  1. Preliminary round
  2. Group stages
  3. Playoffs

The Group Stages will take place on November 1, 2019. The ten countries competing in the group stages will be split evenly into two round groups. The top country from each group will move on to the semifinals, while the second and third-placed countries in each group will move to the quarterfinals. The knockout stage will take place the following day on November 2. The six teams that move on from the group stages will participate in a Single Elimination playoff. The winner of the finals will be awarded a gold medal, while the other will be awarded silver. The two teams that lost in their respective semifinals match will play each other for the bronze medal.

VENUE: Anaheim convection center, California

Back Story Of Team India:

Global E-sports announced in May 2019 about India getting a spot in Overwatch on the world stage. The problem arises India of not being into the Top 10 Teams the players had fund their trip to California to participate in the tournament.

The Global E-sports came into the action and negotiated with the Blizzard Entertainment who are the Administrators of the event and also sponsored the Roster to represent India at the world stage.

Thanks to the CEO and Founder of Global E-sports Rushindra Sinha and fellow members Asvath Ravee and Vasu Chaturvedi.


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