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E-sports scenario is rapidly growing in INDIA in various formats like professional gaming, content creators, tournament organizers, promotional events. After few years there will be drastic change in the Indian gaming community and Indian E-sports. Lots of people are turning out and goping towards gaming as a full time career as a professional player and other scenarios of the E-sports.

What should be done ?

To improve E-sports regular tournaments and regular events should be conducted. More tournaments the more talent will come out with better skills which compete further in the world event.

Recently Team from India is going for the Overwatch world cup

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Click on link to know more about over-watch world cup 2019:

The more Indian gaming community grows more tournaments more sponsors and E-sports will take a hike in India and many people can pursue it as a career option.

Who is taking the Initiative?

The great initiative is taken by our Team Gamzo, Playmonk & ILG(Indian Lan Gaming)

Team Gamzo:

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TEAM GAMZO is taking a great initiative toward the e-sports in India by providing the latest news updates in the gaming industries. And we are even organizing various gaming tournaments and have lots of future tournaments dedicated to Indian E-sports in order to find new gaming talents in India and skilled players in India. And we will always take the required steps to improve the Indian E-sports.


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Playmonk is the platform of e-sports where you can participate various gaming tournaments with excited prize money for the winners. You can participate in various multiplayer games.You can also be a host of the gaming tournaments if you are content creator with decent viewers and good subscriber base on your streaming platform.

For registering for upcoming tournaments :

ILG(Indian Lan Gaming):

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ILG is the biggest platform of tournaments and events in India which have sponsors like LOGITECH and ALIENWARE.

They are organizing the tournaments on large stage in 20 different cities in India 30 partnered arena to organize and 8 different games. ILG also presents and exciting prize pool of 1.1 crore and 50 Lakh Gaming gear & Merchandise.

There are a lot of tournaments on going lots of in future tournaments coming and registration are on going of season 3 .

Search for your cities and register for your favorite game:

What games will include in the tournaments?

  1. Dota 2
  2. CS-Go
  3. Pubg mobile
  4. Pubg pc
  5. Fifa 19
  6. Wcc Rivals
  7. Super Smash bros
  8. Tekken 7
  9. Fortnite

To know more about careers in E-sports:

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