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Well PUBG PC LITE is all set to roll out the new update on 8th August 2019 with many more new features with new rewards, new mode, and lots of more surprises coming out. The game still contains lots of glitches. Hope it gets its bug fixed as soon as possible. After the huge success of PUBG Mobile its now time for PUBG PC LITE to set the benchmark, as it can run in low end PC, many people can afford to buy and lots of audience will gather around to play the game with better graphics and a smooth game-play than the Mobile game. The update will also include the season lite pass for more exciting rewards with increase in level.


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PUBG PC LITE will be coming up with lots of surprises, with new rewards and new mode upcoming which we have already experienced in mobile version, the TDM 4 vs 4 mode is coming to set new heights and attract more players. It will be similar to mobile version of game but with better graphics and better mechanics. PUBG LITE OPEN BETA IS COMING SOON on 8th August 2019. You can register to become a primary player to avail rewards on PUBG LITE official website. 

click here for registration: https://lite.pubg.com/obt/index.html

4 vs 4 mode:

PUBG LITE players can enjoy the fast-paced 4 VS 4 mode with more casual battles.
You will experience an entirely different gameplay in this new mode.
Be the first team to make 30 kills to win the game.
Get your squad ready for new battle scenarios in the new mode!

It seems that it will be more enjoyable and if the update rolls out with its bugs fixed, this will set a new benchmark.

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The season lite pass will provide you more rewards and will come in next update on 8th August 2019.

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An all new season pass will be released to celebrate the Open Beta period of PUBG LITE! 
The base LITE PASS will be available to everyone for free with many rewards available, as you level up by completing the missions in the pass. 
With the purchase of the LITE PASS: Premium
you can unlock even more exclusive rewards and missions.

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Other than the lite pass and 4 vs 4 mode, registration for primary members will get some exciting rewards. All eyes set on the new PUBG PC LITE update.

The game will be becoming better and better with more new exciting updates and we eagerly wait for the full version.

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