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Far Cry : New Dawn Announced

Ubisoft announced the Far Cry New Dawn which is a standalone game.  The scene is set 17 years after the nuclear apocalypse of Far Cry 5. It was announced at game awards in California and is probably the most exciting announcement.
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According to reports, Ubisoft will be launching this game on February 15. The setting of the game looks very beautiful with a lot of greenery around. The trailer shows the difference in flora and fauna before and after the nuclear disaster.  The story is led by The Twins, Mickey and Lou, who are the main villains. According to trailer the place is filled with bike gangs, burglars and raiders.
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Nothing much is known about the game just yet, all we know is Far Cry New Dawn will release on February 15, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will retail at $39.99( Rs 2,800).

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Hitman 2 trailer reveals its Location

Hitman 2 has just announced the locations for its new game series. Five more locations have been revealed in the new Hitman 2 trailer video. Columbia and Miami have already been revealed earlier. But we also get glimpses of Vermont, Mumbai, Austria, the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand, and the mysterious Isle of Sgail. Hitman 2 is a third-person action game, developed by Columbia and published by Warner Bros.
Here are a few details of the location:

Hawks Bay, New Zeland

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Your mission brings you to the moonlit beaches and roaring waves off the coast of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Enjoy a moonlit stroll and retire for the evening on the deck of a highly secured luxury beach house.


Mumbai, India

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Nicknamed ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai is a treat for any visiting traveler or agent on a mission. Lose yourself in the crowds of the city’s famous slums or admire Bollywood movie locations from afar; Mumbai will not disappoint with its colorful life and countless hidden secrets.

Santa Fortuna, Colombia

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Your mission takes you to the remote village of Santa Fortuna, entrenched deep inside the lush Colombian rainforest. Located at the foot of the infamous Delgado mansion, Santa Fortuna offers the discerning tourist everything from beautiful waterfalls to genuine spirit journeys and the chance to spend time with charming fishermen at the town’s local watering hole.

Miami, USA

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Embark on a sun-drenched mission in Miami where you will attend the final hours of the Global Innovation Race – a motorsports event showcasing the very latest in modern car design. Join a crowd of thousands of excited spectators at the biggest racing event of the year.

Whittleton Creek, USA

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Welcome to picture perfect Whittleton Creek, USA – the quintessential American suburb. Experience wide roads flanked by yellowing maple trees, carefully groomed front yards and beautiful houses inhabited by neighborly people enjoying a quiet Saturday.

Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic

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The Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic, is one of the most secretive places in the world…

Source- interactive official site)

Hitman 2 will be released November 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Standard edition will cost you Rs. 3,499 in India. Click here to Pre Order

Quick facts

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Director: Christian Elverdam
Release Date: 13 November 2018
Genre: Stealth
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer