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Call Of Duty, a first-person shooter game developed by Infinity Ward is about to release another update on October 25, named as 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' which is going to be its 16th installment of this series. Updates for consoles and PS4 will be released on 12th September. Pat Kelly the creative director of Infinity Ward told about the dogma of this game in a presentation and also said that the gameplay is king. He said that he wants to give gritty experience to their users and Modern Warfare is aiming for stating that its soldiers are ripped rather than being superheroes. He said that this game was going to provide badass fun to their gamers because of its realistic experience and state of the art technology, taking each map of this game to the next level with unified experience which would blow your mind.

Kelly said that the studio of Modern Warfare wants to be the ultimate multiplayer playground which will bring players from different platforms together which has never been done by any of the games of this franchise. There has been some debate about Modern Warfare that it is a high tech version of Call Of Duty: 2007 of its own franchise. But this is entirely a new update. The devs claim that this will give us a realistic experience as a result of hard work by them.

Modern Warfare is a masterpiece

In this update, we will see a whole new beginning because of its new 2v2 'gunfight mode' which is, of course, going to be the favorite for many players because of its quick and intensive battles, it's either do or die. These maps represent a very visceral and give immense pleasure while playing the game because of its design and graphics. Modern warfare is going to be the heart of this franchise because of its unique style of playing along with its graphics as it has got much horsepower and memory than it used to have. Emslie joked, "I cry inside when I see people playing with no headphones on" remarking that how important audio design is to get the overall experience of Modern Warfare.

The new 2v2 Gunfight mode feels restrictive in some of the scenes but the chaos of massive multiplayer deathmatches are full of fun and it leans heavily on precision. In this mode, both you and your opponent will be given the same gun which makes it much more competitive. The maps are too small which makes the matches more quick and intensive and enables games to be counted accurately. In this update, you will not get the 'zombie mode' as it was never preferred by the franchise. So, instead of this, you will get new 'specs ops mode' which will be more tactical and give you proper fin of FPP. New change in the night vision is just fabulous and makes this game so much lovable. We can very well anticipate the competition this game is going to increase.

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