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Well, a lot of you people must be thinking that CS: GO is a dead game. And to some extent, we agree too, but the main question is "will it die completely"? Then the answer is- "NO!". We know that CS: GO is full of hackers and ruining the game. And to add CS: GO has most active players around the world. The players are decreasing but people will still enjoy it. Counterstrike source was release back in November 2004. And CS: GO entered the market in August 2012. It is so old but it still manages to be in the top 3 list in terms of players count.
CSGO players count

CS: GO Gameplay

There are some games where people get bored of playing after a few months. This is not the case with CS: GO, the unpredictable moves, game sense, and increasing skills make this game even more addictive. You will meet with new players with every day and pro players matches will inspire you. Every day you will learn new skills. The skin trade is still active today and people are earning money out of them. The really simple gameplay is really easy to understand. Only work you have to do is improving your reaction time and skills.
csgo gameplay


Yes, this is the main reason why CS: GO is still not dead! If you are into CS: GO then you must have seen pro matches and the number of people watching it. The amount of energy in the audience is so high. CS: GO matches are very intense and interesting. Even if anyone doesn't know anything about this game then also the match will be fun to watch. The gameplay is simple and it's not a luck based game like most of the survival games out there. The game is purely based on skills. And this industry is huge, literally huge! The audience is crazy for their pro players. The money generated through viewership is surprisingly large. The team gets rewarded with a huge cash prize and with such fan following of CS: GO the game will probably not die. This is still growing and the audience will increase worldwide.
CS:GO audience
esports csgo

csgo audience


To sum it up CS: GO will not die. Maybe the player's count may reduce but still, it will always be popular among viewers. This is such a game that even if you don't play it, you will love watching it. And that will keep generating revenue for the companies. The teams will still get sponsors and new players will keep coming. New teams are forming which are trying to compete with others legendary teams. And this is what makes CS: GO interesting till date. Esports is probably motivating new players around the globe to still play this game so that they can also get a spot in a pro team. The future is still good for CS: GO. Click here to get an idea about earning of CS: GO players. It's huge!
csgo prize money

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