Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout : Trailer Breakdown

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Was that a zombie?

E3 2018 not only saw the announcement of a new Call Of Duty Black ops game but also a battle royale mode for it too. Developer Treyarch added to this by saying it will the largest map COD has ever seen. This definitely made fans curious as COD has never done something that large scale. The obvious concern was how the gunplay and mechanics going to adapt to this. Another concern was how the faster time to kill of COD work in a Battle Royale mode. With all these concerns and the faint amount of info dropped on E3 we get the official trailer.

Wingsuit into the map!

BlackOps Poster
While the core formula of landing into the map stays, its safe to assume this might be the COD way of dropping into the map. The fast-paced nature of COD is highlighted here again.
Let's talk about the rich environment. The amount of polish seen in every COD entry is evident here. Transferring that into the biggest map the franchise has ever put out, its news for the fans. From dry biomes to fields to train yards to dams and mountains it's safe to assume Treyarch is going all out on this one. The rich and varied POI from the trailer looks nothing but incredible.

Rich Array of vehicles

From Helicopter to ATV,s to Speedboats and Trucks the arsenal of vehicles is impressive. It will be interesting to see how Vehicular combat fit in with COD gunplay and mechanics. This with the fast-paced DNA of COD, this could likely be a new crowd favorite among the Arcady Battle Royale enthusiasts. Also, the helicopter was seen with a mounted machine gun. The truck was seen placeholding a sniper who was taking a long-range shot.

The longer line of sight in COD!!

COD never had to deal with a long line of sight as the maps were pretty linear and small. With the new mode having a long line of sight, this could push the game engine to the limits. However, all the combat shown in the trailer are typical close-range gunfights from COD. A long-range sniper shot featured hints on this. Having a much much longer line of sight demands for change in the gunplay of COD. Additions like bullet drop are necessary for such a mode, as u cant hitscan a player from like 150m away. Above all COD players adapting to something like this will be interesting.
The zombie teased could potentially be hinting a new threat to watch out for other than players. However, the lack of info on that leaves us with speculating on it. The private beta for blackout mode will go live on September 10. 
Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 releases on pc, ps4, Xbox one on October 12. For more updates on Black Ops 4 keep following us.