Tokyo Game Show 2018 : Kojima Productions & Death Stranding

Kojima Productions after E3 2018 has vaguely gone silent over Death Stranding. Leading up to the Tokyo Game Show 2018. Last day Hideo Kojima himself tweeted about Kojima productions being on the Tokyo Game Show. With skipping last year's event, this only means the dev team has something to show off.

However, after completely going dark after E3 2018 fans expect some real juicy news on the game. As Hideo Kojima himself go chances are tad bits and pieces are likely to be dropped during the event. As the game is published by Sony the marketing will be running through their hands. It is mentioned in the tweet that the Japanese cast will be featured on the show. It is to be expected that a Japanese version of the E3 trailer is going to be released.
Beyond this, the Tokyo Game Show is a very huge event with a large attention garnering for it. The chances of Kojima productions taking this lightly is fairly slim. Up till now the information regarding the gameplay of Death Stranding is little to none. Information dump regarding gameplay to be featured is highly unlikely. This is mainly due to the PlayStation Experience event happening this December.
The E3 trailer left fans plenty of subjects to debate on as hints regarding a lot of mechanics were flashed. However, the chances of some new tease from the team are not to be written off entirely. The buzz surrounding Death Stranding has been huge as it is the first title Kojima is working on after leaving Konami. The cast for Death Stranding includes The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen. 
Release date regarding the game has not been revealed yet and it is a ps4 exclusive. For more news regarding Death Stranding keep visiting us.

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