Just Cause 4 : What To Expect This Time Around

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Just Cause 4 is gearing up its release, which is tomorrow. Rico Rodriguez is back with all his might to redefine chaos. The world is all yours to unleash havoc to your satisfaction. The perfect tool for this objective is Rico himself. Blow things up, glide, parachute, blow more things up with no artificial limit this time around too. Here is a list of what to expect from the latest installment of Just Cause.

More Chaos!

Just Cause games are known for the level of destruction and havoc you can unleash in the world. Expect no compromises in this aspect this time around too as it is the selling point of the game. Summon all your mighty ideas to creatively cause havoc in this sandbox. If you can imagine it, then chances are you can possibly do it in this world. So sit back relax and watch the holy havoc you caused playing out.

Everything Is Destructible

Just Cause always shined with the sometimes silly and awesome at the same time physics in the world. In a similar fashion, Just Cause 4 will also offer you a complete physics-based environment. Note, almost everything in the world is destructible. This array ranging from vehicles to buildings to towers and you name it. However, unlike the previous entries, this time around Just Cause offers you a little something called a tornado in the game world. The windstorms tearing the game world will be truly physics based. Your actions will play out to the tornado's physics. Keep this in mind when you are about to fly that chopper into the tornado.

Reworked Animations

Avalanche Studios will be reworking some of the animations in game this time around. Some of the animations from the previous games looked a bit finicky. The parachuting animation is a prime example of this. However, the aim is not to make the animations look grounded as that is not the intended style of this game. None the less we can expect some more believable animations to some of the prime gameplay elements.

Generic Storyline

Just Cause games were never known for their storytelling and it is not expected to change here. Because that is not the primary focus of the core game.  However, like the previous titles, there will be a typical action game story to fill that need. But then, this is not much of an issue as most of the time you will be blowing things up or killing bad guys.


Just Cause 3, when it came out took a lot of heat for its poor performance at times. The game could barely manage a playable frame rate when you were causing all those chaos. In a game like this, which encourages you to cause havoc on a massive scale, a playable frame rate is expected to keep things enjoyable. Early reports tell the performance is much improved this time around. Along with this the game also extends its support for the 2080 series of graphics cards.
In conclusion, Just Cause 4 is expected to check on all the boxes you expect from a typical Just Cause game. However, with some of the additional features to the gameplay this time lets hope the game will deliver beyond our expectations. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $60.

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