Pubg Snow Map: Everything we know!

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Pubg Snow map Vikendi  (Dohor Otok) is going to release soon!  The map will be made available in the test servers before December 31st.  Reddit user allthenewsisgoodnews released a new video on youtube titled “The Re-Making of Vikendi". The video reveals the new snow map. The map looks beautiful and we are sure everyone is excited.

The whole map is covered in snow. There is a frozen river which is blue in color beneath, covered with green trees all around. Hanging bridge-like structure is spotted which leads to a station probably a command center. There is also a graveyard, chapel and a lot of buildings which is probably a town. Once this map is released it will be the main headline probably for weeks.
snow map pubg mobile
Pubg Mobile is already gaining a lot of popularity in Asia region. Rumors suggest that snow map may release before 10 December or along with Pubg PS4. The continuous updates are something that is making gamers still engage with this game. This game is still having a lot of potentials if Pubg Corp. is able to provide such new updates. Afterall Chicken Dinner is love!

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