Darksidersiders 3 Review Roundup: A Charming Mess?

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Darksiders 3 released on all major platforms on the 27th of November. Reviews from major news outlets and content creators are now live. It is fair enough to say that, the reviews look mixed. The sequel to the well-received Darksiders 2 tells the tale of Fury, the angriest of the four horsemen. Darksiders 3 puts you in Fury's boots and her quest to defeat the seven deadly sins. Let's have a look at what some of the major outlets think about the game.
At the time of this writing Darksiders 3 is sitting at a Metascore of 72 and User Score of  75.

IGN 7/10

The straightforward simplicity of Darksiders III is a refreshing change of pace after exploring so many dense open-world games. That simplicity doesn’t refer to the combat or boss battles, though, which are complex and almost startlingly unforgiving. Read the full review from IGN right here

PC Gamer 6.2/10

With less loot to grab, simplified platforming and easy puzzles, Darksiders 3 lean harder on its combat than previous games. And while Fury packs a punch, the wonky camera makes fights more frustrating that they should be. It doesn’t condemn Darksiders to oblivion, but it’s the lowlight of the series so far. Read the full review from PC Gamer from here

GamesRadar 7/10

Darksiders 3 feels like coming home for fans, and combat is a blast - but it can be hard to appreciate the good when dealing with a laundry list of technical stumbles. Read the complete review from GamesRadar right here.

GameSpot 4/10

Darksiders 3 retrogrades on its predecessors with an unfocused approach that constantly clashes with itself. There are remnants of a good game here, buried within the vivacious combos of a combat style this game doesn't want to embrace. Unfortunately, it's buried far too deep to ever salvage. Read the full review from GameSpot from here

Destructoid 8/10

"With all of the efforts to resurrect this once dead and buried series, I hope there's a chance to wrap it all up with Strife". Read the complete review from Destructoid right here
In conclusion, It's safe to assume that although Darksiders 3 is a respectable entry to the franchise, it fells short on many aspects. THQ Nordic picked this game up solely for the passionate fans of the series. Even though it is not perfect, the game is not a disaster if the fans words are anything to go by. Let's just hope that we will get another solid entry to the Darksiders series. Darksiders 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $60.

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