What is E3? A note for world's biggest event

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo commonly referred to as E3 is a premier trade event for the video game industry. Entertainment Software Association or the ESA presents E3. Many developers, publishers, hardware and accessory manufacturers use E3 to introduce or advertise their games or game related merchandise and other products to the retailers and members of the press.
Basically, E3 is the exhibition floor for developers, publishers, manufacturers to showcase their products that they are going to sell in the upcoming years. Few days before the event, the largest publishers and hardware manufacturers will hold an hour-long press conference to outline their offerings that will be on display. It also features announcements of new games and products. E3 is considerably, the biggest gaming news expo of the year in North America. Formerly E3 was an industry-only event. Members who want to visit, a verification from the ESA for their connection with the gaming industry is required. Recently there is an increase in the number of streaming media. The press conference was broadcast to the public to increase their visibility. In 2017, E3 became open to the public for the first time, issuing 15,000 general admittance passes for those who wanted to attend.
Since 2009 E3 is held in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. The recent one was held from 12-14 June 2018. The show in 2019 is scheduled for June 11–13, 2019.

Now you might want to know how to reach there. Continue reading to know.

In 2009 ESA capped attendance at about 45,000 and closed to the public, as to achieve a balance between the two extremes. From that date, the audience increased continuously. In 2018 audience were around 69,200. It is the first time since 2005 that audience population increased beyond 69,000.
You can reach there as an exhibitor or simply as a public attendant. The ticket cost is around US$150 for early birds generally for first 1000 consumers. After that, it will be around $250. Though these figures are for 2018, it is expected the figure for 2019 will almost be the same. Another option to attend the event is if you get an invitation from E3 itself. Though for these process you may have to get ads for your gaming website and really try hard.
So, if you are interested in exhibiting you can click here. Or if you want to attend the event just as an attendee you can click here.

Some noticeable updates for E3 2019

Sony is skipping next year’s E3, ditching its traditional booth and press conference in a move that will have a significant negative impact on the video game industry’s annual trade show. The Entertainment Software Association, the lobbyist group that runs E3, confirmed the news, as did Sony. This is yet another blow to the annual Los Angeles trade show, which has seen multiple publishers drop out over the past few years. Electronic Arts now hold its own event in Hollywood in the days leading up to E3, while last year Microsoft rented out a theater at L.A. Live, a few minutes away from the convention center where E3 takes place. Nintendo has spent the past five years eschewing traditional press conferences in favor of pre-recorded videos, and with Sony gone, one of E3's other marquee press conferences will now also not be present in 2019.
Sony also skipped this year’s PlayStation Experience, a conference that it had held every December from 2014 through 2017.3
It’s also yet another hint at the timing of Sony’s next PlayStation. Based on conversations with developers across the industry, I expect the PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020, and the publisher skipping E3 2019 certainly points to that.

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