Steam Autumn sale 2018 goes LIVE

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Autumn is HERE and so are the deals!

Autumn, sparks a time of change, leaves fall and the world is preparing for a slow descent into winter and the cold it brings. But not for gamers! The Steam Autumn deal is back, and there are some huge titles on sale with discounted prices. 😀 (But hurry up, it only lasts till the 27th of this month!)

GTA V - Rs. 1385 (34% off)

Need I say anything which hasn't already been said about this franchise. Without a doubt, one of the biggest gaming titles and in my opinion, one of the most versatile games ever. Play as Michael, Trevor or Frank as you live your own life and ruin the lives of anyone who stands in your way. (GTA online :))

The Witcher 3 - Rs. 400 (60% off)

Ah the Witcher franchise, CD Projekt Red's pride and joy. It has been captivating players since the original Witcher came out. Play as Geralt, a monster hunting/slaying badass of a man who goes on an epic journey. Filled with quests and side quests and a gigantic open world to explore, do get your copy if you don't own one already!

Assassin's Creed Odessey - Rs. 2009 (33% off)

Assassin's Creed, my history teacher. Ask me any question, be it from the French revolution to the Italian Renaissance, I shall guarantee an A+ grade. The latest installment in the franchise brings RPG elements into the gameplay, introducing a level system. Even with the introduction of newer elements, it still keeps the old charm which has made the series oh so successful. What are you waiting for??!

Fallout 4: Game of the Year edition - Rs. 1199 (60% off)
The fallout series from Bethesda garners a lot of attention from gamers worldwide. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, Fallout brings to you the essence of survival, your interaction with the environment and other survivors play a key role in the gameplay. As with any Bethesda game, the mods which are available for this game are of a large variety and is second only to Skyrim.

Far Cry 5 - Rs. 1499( 50% off)

The Far Cry series has given us some of the most captivating games, with Far Cry 3 being my personal favorite. The newest installment deviates slightly from its predecessors and is set in America where a state is overrun by religious extremists. The rest is classic Far Cry which translates to a whole lotta fun!

NieR: Automata - Rs. 999 (50% off)

Being the JRPG geek I am, when I first got my hands on NieR: Automata, I was falling for it. It was love at first sight. The gameplay was beautiful, the graphics stunning, and the combat was so fluid. This game may not be a AAA title, but it deserves a lot more attention than what it currently has to settle with. Grab yourself a copy if you want to experience an adventure like never before.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Rs. 1749 (50% off)

It's completely okay to have a crush on a gaming character. Lara Croft and her adventures have kept us company for decades now, and the series is showing no signs of slowing down. With immersive gameplay, challenging puzzles, creative world design, and just LARA CROFT, this game will not fail to captivate you from every angle!

Assassin's Creed: Origins - Rs. 1199 (60% off)

Another Assassin's Creed entry, that's because the series is just so good! This time, the game is set in ancient Egypt. Walk among pharoahs and sail along the banks of the river Nile in this epic historical thriller. The graphics look amazing and especially the attention to detail when it comes to the towns and even the water! The water looks amazing in this game. (Yes, I love to look at the water in games) Don't waste your time, go get a copy of Origins while the sale is still on!
A severely underrated game in my opinion. Then again my opinion sways every time I hear Japan anywhere. But jokes apart, this is the Japanese equivalant of Mafia or the Godfather games. The Yakuza (Japanese Gangsters) rule the streets of Japan. Play as the badass duo of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima as you try to uncover secrets which have kept the crime syndicates of Japan at chaos.

Rocket League - Rs. 282 (50% off)

Car football. Who knew something as simple yet innovative as that would capture the hearts of gamers and make them indulge in hour and hours of unending fun. With sleep-deprived nights behind me, I can safely say that Rocket League is one helluva game to play. It's controls seem very easy to learn yet very difficult to master. The gameplay is simple and fluid. The concept is beautiful, really what can I say about this game which hasn't already been said?!

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