SMACH Z: A revolution in portable gaming?

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Introducing the most powerful handheld gaming device:

Ladies and Gents, we've all had our run ins with handheld devices. From the Godfather, that was the Nintendo Gameboy to anything that has come after it. However, the SMACH Z looks to take all that and put them to shame with it's unbelievable graphics rendering capability for a handheld device.

The device boasts of a 6 inch 1080p display which takes up most of the front of the device. It is flanked by buttons, a joystick and two "haptic" touchpads. On the top of the device, we have four trigger buttons, which gives the device the same feel as a good ol' controller. SMACH emphasizes on the customizability of their products. The layout of the device can be toyed and tampered with making it suit the tastes of the individual player.

Once the surface has been scratched, we can see what lies beneath the device. It runs on an embedded AMD Ryzen V1605B processor! That's really good for a handheld device! The SMACH Z base version comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM, a 64GB M.2 SSD and a Linux OS which has been built and customized for this device.
If you require 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you can go for the Smach Z Pro for $810, alas you still get only Linux with all that money. If you want to have Windows 10 on either the base model Smach Z or the Smach Z Pro, you will need to pay an additional fee of $89.
SMACH also offers a high-end version of the device that comes with 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and Windows 10, but is priced at $990. With such a price-tag, the SMACH Z Ultra competes with a large number of Gaming laptops. While the cheaper option could be worth a shot, there is no real reason stating one should by the Ultra trim as you can get much better performance at the same price.
We think that this is an ambitious effort by the company and are looking forward to test it out in the future when it eventually does release.

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