Fallout 76 Already On Sale, Bethesda Really Messed Up This Time

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This Game Is Made By Bethesda!

Fallout 76, Oh boy where do we start. For starters let's say that the game is such a disaster. The fan reception and the reviews show how big of a catastrophe this game is. The open beta held for the game prior to the full release did nothing but to solidify this. Fallout 76 is riddled with game breaking bugs and exploits. Beyond this, the game is very poorly optimized. At this point, we don't even think that this game qualifies to even be released as an early access title. But this is a fully released, 60$ game.
However, Fallout 76 is seeing a huge discount as a part of the Black Friday sale. It is highly unlikely to see a AAA title to go on sale the next week after release. Every other AAA title released around the same time are still selling for full prices. This move to put the game on sale further solidify the aching state of the game. For comparison, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold over 17 million copies within 2 weeks. But then, you can't expect every game to do as good as Red Dead Redemption 2. If Fallout 76 had strong sales figures, there exist 0 chance we are seeing a price cut after 1 week of its release.
Players who pre-ordered and bought the game on the initial days are left disappointed by this. Bethesda could be offering a full refund on the game for PC players. However, this is not officially confirmed. The forums and subreddits are filled with threads regarding a potential refund.

The Damage Has Already Been Done

At the time of this writing, Fallout 76 is sitting at a Metascore of 55 and user score at 2.9. This earned Fallout 76 the title of the worst rated Fallout game ever. The fans have been very vocal with their issues with the game. Bethesda has already dropped patches for improving the state of the game. However, the damage has already been done. The Bethesda practice of providing fans with a half-baked game and then fixing it later has occurred way too many times to give a pass on. The careless attitude from the devs is clear as daylight in this game. Every major exploit and issue from Fallout 4 has made its way to Fallout 76. If Bethesda manages to iron out these issues we believe that the state of the game will be improved. For the time being, Fallout 76 is a total mess.

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