7Sea Esports announces BGMI roster, Prince, Aladdin, Sarang, Spraygod are in the team

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7Sea Esports announces BGMI roster, Prince, Aladdin, Sarang, Spraygod are in the team: 7Sea Esports, an Indian esports organisation, has announced its BGMI lineup today, 18 July 2021. The organisation is going to field a star-studded roster with Meet 'Prince' Brahmbhatt being the IGL, Taha 'Aladdin' Khamkar on the filter role, and finally, Sarang and Spraygod are going to be the assaulters. The announcement is in line with what we had already reported through our sources.

Three out of the four players are from Indian Tigers, while one is an ex Godlike Esports member.

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Speaking about the roster, Mr Santosh Pechete, founder and MD of 7Sea Esports said, "The team has the calibre to dominate the scene. Our plans revolve around rapid expansion into the community through aggressive gameplay, bringing some exciting content around players and position as a top esports brand."

New BGMI roster of 7Sea Esports

  • Meet 'Prince' Brahmbhatt - IGL
  • Taha 'Aladdin' Khamkar - FILTER
  • Sarang Deka - Assaulter
  • Harsh 'Spraygod' Malik - Assaulter

Speaking about the new 7Sea BGMI lineup, Prince, the IGL said, "We are a balanced team. Aladdin and I [have] played LAN events and understand the competition well, whereas Sarang and SPRAYGOD are both new and emerging players who can dominate the scene. The team works hard and winning with style is our priority."

With over 30+ esports athletes across the South Asia region, 7Sea is one of the popular esports brands and operating teams in PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire.

With the official announcement of BGMI esports by Krafton, many domestic and international orgs are eyeing to step into Indian esports again. We have reports of at least two prime international esports organisations coming to India. Coming closer to home, we have reports of Force1 Esports signing a new BGMI lineup.

Krafton has already launched Battlegrounds Mobile India Series on 15th July 2021. The tournament will go on for three months, with a massive prize pool of 1,00,00,000 INR. This will be one of the biggest esports tournaments ever in Indian esports history. Moreover, Krafton has pledged to invest more than $100 million in India in the upcoming four years.

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