Valorant error 39: Don't worry, it's not on you. Here is all to know

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Valorant error 39: Don't worry it's not on you. Here is all to know: Valorant error code 39 is very common during the times of a new Act, and it may pop up during regular patch updates as well. You will typically get a message that says, 'There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.'

Valorant error 39 screen

Why does error VAL 39 occur?

The official website of Valorant says the reason behind Valorant error 39 is that the server may be down for scheduled or emergency maintenance. No points for guessing, the servers do go down for patch updates. The maintenance period is very short for minor patches, say around 5 minutes, however, it can stretch much longer in the case of new Acts, since, they usually bring much bigger updates like new agents and maps.

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So, what can you do when you get VAL code 39? Nothing. You can just wait for the servers to go online. And no, reinstalling Valorant is not going to solve VAL 39.

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