Valorant Tracker: Here are some of the best Valorant Stats Trackers online

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Valorant Tracker: Here are some of the best Valorant Stats Trackers online: Let's have a look at ways to check one's Valorant stats via third-party websites and applications.

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Getting good at anything required data. Data is essential for keeping track of one's progress. The same goes for getting good at video games. FPS games are one of the most competitive genres of gaming and Esports. So each and every players wants to be able to compare his/her stats with his/her friends or other players in general.

Let's have a look at some of the best trackers available for Valorant online:

image 3 on shows plenty of data including headshot percentage, winrate on maps, winrate on one's most played agents, total headshots, K/D, total wins, Damage/Round, total deaths, assists, Score/Round, Kills/Round, top weapons, kills using top weapons etc.

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image 5 on is one of the most popular trackers used for Valorant. Many professional players are sponsored by this website resulting in them using it all the time. This website can even track the stats of other games you play like League of Legends, Teamflight Tactics, Legends of Runterra, and Fortnite(coming soon). also provides the top 500 leaderboards of each and every Valorant region. You can also check the stats of your favorite professional players through the leaderboards without even knowing their Valorant username!

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nhk meaning: Every Valorant term used in Team and All Chat comes with a windows application that tracks your stats while you're playing the game resulting in live stat tracking!

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