Everything About Valorant Champions Tour: Challengers 2 (Day 2)

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Another day of great Valorant action with two massive games from the VALORANT Champions Tour: Challengers 2, Day 2.

The Valorant Champions Tour: Challengers 2 tournament, features 8 top European teams, 4 of which qualify from the previous Challenger tournament, whilst the other 4 qualify from an online open qualifier. The makeup of the teams is as shown:

  • Fnatic
  • Team Heretics
  • G2
  • Alliance

all coming from the Online Open Qualifiers, whereas:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Wave Esports
  • OG Esports

All come through the automatic qualification quota of the Top 4 of the Challenger Series 1.

The stage was set today, with Day 1’s geat games. Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Alliance both qualifying immediately for Masters with their wins in the play-offs over Wave Esports, and G2 Esports respectively.

Valorant Champions Tour

The Stage for Day 2:

The stage for Day 2 has been set in terms of two MASSIVE games, in VALORANT esports. Team Fnatic go up against FunPlux Phoenix, a rematch of the infamous Semi-finals of the VALORANT EU First Strike event. The second game is another significant game with a newly signed OG Esports facing off against a well established, but yet slightly weakened Team Heretics due to the unavailability of niesoW.

Fnatic V/S FunPlus Phoenix (1-2; 13-6, 3-13, 7-13)

Valorant Champions Tour

Despite starting out very strong, courtesy of a massive Battle Brimstone performance from Fnatic Boaster, Fnatic failed to convert their lead and take the series. They were reverse swept in a fairly even matchup against a strong FPX side, after a dominant 13-6 on their own map pick, Bind. FPX responded with an even more dominant 13-3 on FPX’s map pick Split, with both ANGE1 and new pickup dimasick showing up massively on Omen and Cypher respectively.

This led to a showdown on the third map, Haven, which was Team Fnatic’s pick. Dimasick once again came through with a MASSIVE 372 ACS performance, rated 1.82, on his Cypher. Clearly showing why he was so sought out.

FPX took the game and series, booking their place in VALORANT EU Masters, whilst Fnatic gets a chance to fight again, during VCT: Challengers 3.

OG Esports V/S Team Heretics (0-2; 6-13, 7-13)

An established Team Heretics took on the newly signed OG Esports roster, who had shown signs of promise in recent weeks, to take the series 2-0 fairly cleanly, and establish their chance to fight to become the best team in Europe at VALORANT EU Masters.

The Valorant Champions Tour was well and over the moment nukkye decided to enter the server, clearly, with him boasting an unbelievable 356, and 438 ACS respectively, on both maps. Colossal.

The series started on Team Heretics map pick Ascent, with a dominant showing from Team Heretics, taking the map 13-6.  OG couldnt just get started on Ascent with their duelist aKm giving away 5 first bloods on Ascent and earning only 1 in return.

The same could be said of Bind which was their own map pick, with aKm again giving away 5 first bloods, and getting 1 in return again. With OG playing a singe duelist comp, their gameplan was clearly riding on the shoulders of aKm who didn’t have the most fortunate of games, leading to them getting being beaten quite cleanly.

OG will look to get a place in the EU Masters, during Challengers 3, whereas FPX have booked their seats in the EU Masters.

Whats next:

Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 3 Play-offs and Play-ins will begin on the 3rd of March, and VALORANT EU Masters on the 12th. The stage is set for some great weeks of VALORANT action, and let's hope we’ll see you there!

Make sure to follow up for updates on Valorant Champions Tour. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.