Among Us New Map in Making | Henry Stickman Airship Map in the New Update

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The news is flashing all over that Among Us new map is coming all the way in the new update. This map will be fourth addition on the list and here’s what you need to know everything about it.

If you are a gamer, the title would have definitely made you jump out of your seat. A few days back we go the news that Among Us is working to create a brand-new map in the game itself. This map is directly inspired by the Henry Stickman game. There is a plane or airship that will determine the basics to create the map.

Size of Map

This map is expected to be the biggest map in Among Us, even bigger than the Polus map. There is no doubt in the fact that it will increase the excitement levels during a match. Moreover, sabotaging will be more fun as now crewmates will have to travel more distance to revert back the problem. It may also provide room for some new tasks to do.

New Skin

among us new map

As we can clearly see from the image that a character is wearing a new type of skin. It resembles something like a terminator or a robot. Skins make your character more attractive as many players get bored of that same colour. The developers might be teasing this skin through the picture.

Bigger Lobby

The maximum number of players available to play a single match is 10. If the maximum imposters are set to three, it makes the game almost unplayable. It provides an advantage to the imposters as almost half of the players are left to be crewmates. A triple kill would almost seal the game. Thus in the new update, we might have the lobby size increased to a total of 15 players.

Release Date

There is no official word that when the next update will Among Us new map be released. However, it is expected to come out in the second week of December 2020. Unti l then, the developers will try to improve the game in every way possible.

We expect that more images will be shared of the new map in the future, stay tuned with Gamzo for more news and updates. Share this post with your friends.  

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