Skin that lights up while firing? CSGO skin creator makes an awesome MP9 skin that lights up when you fire.

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  • CSGO skin maker has made a skin that lights up when you fire.
  • The creator who goes by ID Hoxton_Workshop on Reddit has not yet named it.
  • Several others also showed off their light-able skins ideas after the skin came out.

Everyone knows about the CSGO skin market, it is just unbelievable. Some skins are very costly while some have a price tag that you can never thing of. People have even bought skins worth $100,000. Yes you heard that right. Now it's not just buyers who surprise us, skin creators are no less. Time and again, they have created some really cool designs that we all adore and want to get our hands on it. If you follow CSGO, you already know it.

Well, seems like the creators are not satisfied though. One of creator who goes by the ID Hoxton_Workshop on Reddit has made something which was not thought about before. Okay, at-least it was not as good. He has created an MP9 skin which lights up when you fire. Amazing. Right? The creator took to Reddit to show off his creation and was appreciated by everyone.

I made a skin that lights up when you fire, what do you think of it? from r/GlobalOffensive

The creator also showed off his previous light-able skins for other guns. Like the one below.

csgo lightable skins

Other fans also have come up with really good ideas with this light-able CSGO skin. For instance, an AK skin whose barrel would glow red when fired, or an AWP whose barrel would glow when fired and fade down slowly. I can bet one thing for sure now, we are going to be getting much more of these types of lightable CSGO skins. The community is really creative bro. You can follow the Reddit thread here. Before you go, have a look at some more ideas posted by other Redditers and also do let us know your idea of lightable CSGO skins in the comments below or on our social media channels [Facebook, Instagram].

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