Diretide has come to Dota 2, but what else?

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Valve has finally given us the Diretide update we wanted after endless complaining on the reddit sub and emailing devs. But what else has been changed to spook us out?

The chest and key system, boon or curse for the trade community?

Marketability update dota 2 diretide

For starters, the old chest and key system similar to cs go has been implemented. Basically, you can gain Diretide chests from drops in-game, but the keys are to be purchased from the store. Both the chest and the contents are marketable and amazingly, you can sell and buy the chests and its drops from the in-game client itself!

The items from the chests are currently being sold at an absurdly high price, but saturation point should be reaching soon in the coming days. For players who still do not use money or use less of it to buy items from the market, the chest and key system might not be as welcoming as the chests, unless you buy lots of keys, are essentially a gamble.

This reddit post shows how the drop chance is broken. Link

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The new trade-up system to dump the same 10 sets you got in the Rylai Spin

They have also finally listened to the community about the in-game items not wanted by the users. For this problem, they have introduced a trade-up system, similar to recycling items from the old Dota. 10 items of a lower tier can be recycled to a random item of a higher tier. But it is a random item, even if it is a higher tier item.

If you do not have the 10 items, the client will help you pick the cheapest items from the market and help you to fill those slots for the best bargains.

Where is the new player experience though Valve?

Easter eggs and details in the diretide trailer

This time valve might be deciding to put all stops to people complaining about the game dying. Hopefully, we will see a growth of new players too attracted by the candies, but Valve has not yet announced anything about the new player experience as it urgently requires a proper tutorial for the game as this game has had a declining rate of new players due to smurfs and boosted accounts and additionally being one of gaming's most toxic communities does not help anyone. A new hero has already been announced in the making which is due this november, but let us hope that our community is helped by dota 2 devs to grow with regards to new player experience.

The smurf problem has been addressed by Valve but we do hope for a new update for new players which will help them keep their footing in this complicated mess we love called Dota 2.

Bugs, bugs lots of bugs and also exploits

Clinkz exploit in the diretide dota 2
Balanced, like all things

This has been a consistent with every new game mode added to Dota 2: the bugs.

From undying resurrecting without any cd and fountain farming opponents with the tomb to qop getting infinite linkens at lvl 0. I scoured through reddit with various complaints making the mode, quoting gamers from all around the world, "Literally unplayable."

Here's a fun exploit too, apparently clinkz can use his ult on diretide creeps and obtain around 10k hp and 1k damage.

Hopefully all these bugs have been fixed with a patch update till this post gets uploaded.

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