[DPC 2020] Liga Pro Gaming chosen as hosts for Valve-funded Dota 2 tournament, Valve finally breaks silence for the Pro scene.

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Valve finally has broken their silence and decided to supply funds for the DPC 2020. Particularly in South America where Liga Pro Gaming tournaments have hosted 12 consecutive seasons in a row with much success.

Finally, after a long silence, Valve has decided to fund two tournaments for the final trimester of the DPC 2020 which was put on a halt after the COVID-19 Pandemic around the world preventing social gatherings and borders shutting down. This means a lot as Valve has decided to keep their player-base consistent by supporting South American tournaments.

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What it means for the community

Winners of liga pro gaming
Winners of the previous season LPG- Thunder Predators

Valve finally showing some interest in the DPC 2020 is a small step towards a better future for the Dota 2 community as the community has not been satisfied with the prolonged silence which Valve had to offer in return for the almost 40 Million Dollars prize pool! This being said, due to the pandemic, The International 2020 could not be held but the community still supported the battle pass. There are rumours of the prize pool being merged for the next year's International however there are no solid facts and news. Currently Valve sits at around a whooping 120 Million of community funding from the battle pass. We do hope that they will provide more for the other scenes (NA, SEA)

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The Liga Pro Gaming tournaments

There will be two tournaments funded by Valve, an upper division tournament and a lower division tournament.

The upper division tournament will have a prize pool of $25,000 and the lower division tournament will provide a $25,000 prize pool. Additionally there will also be a "Final Series" tournament which will have a prize pool of $20,000 where the participating teams will be the best 7 of the upper division and the winner of the lower division.

Dpc 2020 Movistar liga pro gaming cup

This will be an opportunity for the South American amateur teams to participate in a Valve funded tournament as four Open Qualifiers will be opened on the FirstBlood.io esports competition platform. Teams all around South America will be giving their best to achieve what they truly deserve.

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Why Valve might have chosen Live Media Esports Entertainment (producers of Liga Pro Gaming)

Live Media Esports Entertainment has been on the good books of Valve as they were also chosen as the official broadcasters in Spanish for TI 2019. As a sign of trust and a reward for the promotion of their game in South America, they have been given the responsibility of hosting a Valve-funded tournament.

Live Media MissClickTV on

Dota 2 is the second most popular Esport in Peru, with audiences that can even exceed professional soccer in some cases. This contribution from Valve is a demonstration of their interest in growing Dota 2 in our region and that they have appreciated the great effort we have made over these almost three years to professionalize the local scene. Our entire staff is preparing all the production details to create the best audio-visual and content experience for the enormous legion of esports fans in our country

Luis Carrillo Pinto, CEO of Live Media.


01movistargamers on

The finals of both the divisions will be broadcast live on the Movistar Deportes channel and special programs too will be held weekly with additional highlights. Interviews with pros of the main teams in Peru and South America who seek to win the prized cup and money of the renowned Movistar Liga Pro Gaming and of course, $45,000 in prizes that are being fought for in this last stage of the year for the DPC 2020.

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