Esports Degree in India and Asia to be Available Soon Courtesy Global Esports and Harrisburg University

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Global Esports has announced a partnership with USA based - Harrisburg University planning to bridge the gap between collegiate and pro-esports across India and therefore the world
As a section of this partnership, global Esports has proclaimed that it aims to form Harrisburg University’s Esports Degree including aspects like faculty, lectures, help in curriculum, masterclasses, and workshops accessible to India and the remainder of Asia. The organization conjointly states that it'll follow this up with esports events and tournaments hosted for the university across India.
Global Esports also will facilitate scout talent for Harrisburg University’s collegiate esports team.

Additionally, they'll also facilitate the Indian representative at the Overwatch World Cup, Team India, via a Bootcamp at Harrisburg University before the tournament.
“This partnership will offer opportunities which will profit each aspiring Esports athletes and professional players alike,” said Chad Smeltz, Director of Esports, Harrisburg University (HU). “It can begin with global Esports conveyance their Overwatch World Cup Team from India to Harrisburg University’s progressive practice facilities to Bootcamp and train before the Tournament,”
An exchange program with coordinated boot camps at global Esports’ coaching facilities for collegiate groups and weekend game-a-thons at Harrisburg University can follow.

Global Esports has announced strategic ties with Harrisburg University on

Global Esports (GE) has been creating important waves in Esports around most of Asia with prime-tier performance in Overwatch, Fortnite, CSGO, Dota 2 and PUBG. we've been keen to expand our reach to North America for a few time currently and Harrisburg was a clear choice”, said Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Co-Founder of global Esports. “This is that the 1st time a partnership between a university and an Esports Organization is being cast. we are keen to partner with Harrisburg University as they're the first disruptors of the educational system during this domain.”

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