How to win free Ghost-Stealth in Cod mobile? 3 steps.

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Ghost- Stealth epic skin is now free in COD mobile and you need to follow the steps below to get it for free in your mail.

#1 Login to the game to get Ghost

You need to log on to the game first and then head over to your settings. Once there click on the top right corner of the screen next to the Facebook icon.

Ghost- Stealth

#2 Link your game account to a cod account

You then need to link your current game account to a COD account and if you do not have one then you will have to create the account.

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#3 Open Envelope

Once you link top a cod account, you will have to click on the envelop icon on the main screen of the game where the Ghost-Stealth skin will be sent to you by COD mobile themselves. Now all you have to do is open the mail and receive the free epic skin.

mail on

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