Krafton reveals details about the anti-cheat system and cheaters

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Krafton reveals details about the anti-cheat system and cheaters: The overall gaming environment and gaming experience of Battlegrounds Mobile India have been deteriorated due to the excessive number of hackers. Even professional players, streamers, and influencers have reported that the game is unplayable, due to hackers in every match.  Recently, Ghaatak – a professional player and coach for Godlike esports stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India Series has been delayed due to in-game hackers. He further stated that Krafton officials and developers are working together to resolve the issue and offer a smooth and fair gaming environment.

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For the eradication of cheaters and hackers from the game, Krafton has officially stated that they are taking major steps and decisions for eliminating hackers. They mentioned that the developers have revalidated the in-game data, for increasing the game security. Also, they mentioned that they are examining and eliminating the hackers from the leaderboards.

Apart from this, they have assured fans that they will be improving their ban logic system, so that the anti-cheat system can easily detect illegal programs running within the game. From monitoring real-time activity to blocking ads, Youtube, Telegram, and other social media handle promoting hacks, Krafton has banned over 1.52 million accounts, since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

List of Activities that can lead towards the ban

Here is the list of activities, that can ban a player in BGMI:

·       If players use cheats.

·       If players promote the usage of cheats or assist cheaters in some way.

·       If players have cheated before (even if they are not cheating now).

·       If players promote or advertise any illegal programs that might give a certain BGMI gamer an unfair advantage over normal mobile gamers.

·       If players distribute illegal program usage videos or promotional videos/images on other websites.

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