New Xbox X leaks show various ports on the console

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If you think the Xbox X consoles are still light-years away from seeing light then you are probably wrong. A lot of key things about the console like internal hardware and even the port selection is flocking the internet. People went crazy when AMD released the console's renders, but later they unfortunately said its fake. Now, fresh leaks of Xbox Series X console have made their way on the internet. These images allegedly showcase the various ports on the Xbox X console. However, these pictures depict a developer-only test unit that'll be quite different from the final product.

Xbox Series X Alleged Live Images Leaked, Reveal the Ports on Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

As expected, the console is boxy, it sports a USB Type-A port along with a power button at the front. At the rear, it adorns two more USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port and an optical audio port. It also gets an Ethernet port and the power-in slot. The console is surrounded by heat vents.

Also, there is a separate rectangular port, that'll be used for troubleshooting. However, this troubleshooting thingy will not exist in the production version.

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