PUBG Mobile to Get Among Us Mode

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Two of the most popular mobile games, PUBG Mobile and Among Us, will come together for a collaboration of a new mode in PUBG Mobile, the Among Us Mode. This mode will reportedly be featuring the Among Us map from the game.

Among Us has been one of the most famous game since the pandemic started with more than 1 Million Player playing it at a same time.

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Leaked by the Youtuber LuckyMan, this mode will be named "Who is the Ghost", and will be having the Map "Inner Ghost". In this game mode, players are divided into 2 factions, the Special Forces and the Ghost. Similar to Among Us, the Special Forces will complete tasks in order to make progress while the Ghost will act as the impostor and kill every Special Force member without getting caught before they finish with all of their tasks.

Based on the video, the Ghosts have the option to sabotage certain devices like the electricals where players need to rush on to certain locations to fix them before the timer runs out. 

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You can watch the Orginal Video here:

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