Tactical Map Marker to make it to PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0

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Beta version of PUBG Mobile now gets a tactical map marker. This will let players to instantly interact with their squad. These include quick toggles to communicate or pass on some crucial messages like Enemies Ahead, Danger, Loot Drop, Regroup and more.

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Players can enable the tactical map marker from the settings menu. Once enabled, the chat section gets substituted by the new map marker. The new map marker is pretty close to what you get on PUBG. The tactical map feature was first introduced on PUBG: PC in 2019.

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PUBG Season 12 will introduce new rewards and things like bike workshop skins. Other things like new outfits and along with a new M416 skin. The bike skins will be upgradeable to level 3. Also watch out for Extreme Cold mode, Colour Blind mode, Erangel 2.0 and Death Cam.

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