Telltale Games Laid Off The Remaining Skeleton Crew

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The tragic collapse of The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games continues. Telltale Games laid off around 90% of their staff as part of the "majority studio closure". This happened during late September. However, CEO of the studio tweeted about a skeleton crew of 25 people would continue. These remaining employees were to work on the Minecraft Story project for Netflix.
Rachel Noel, an employee of Telltale tweeted about the skeleton crew also being laid off. Several major news outlets have confirmed this statement. Telltale Games and its mismanagement practices have been around for a while now. This further strengthens the fact the mismanagement claims.
Rachel then confirmed about some people still being in the studio. However, she confirmed the fact that her team is no longer in the company.
The question still remains about its flagship title The Walking Dead which is on its final season. Many major news outlets have reported on the company working to get new partners to finish the project. Above this, episode 3 for the final season is wrapping up its development. A time window of a month or 2 will be needed at max to polish the episode.
With so many unanswered questions still remaining, the fate of The Walking Dead still remains a question. Robert Kirkman, the writer, and co-creator of The Walking Dead comics on which Telltale’s adaptation is based, told fans of the games to “stay tuned.”

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