Valorant Anime skins set GO VOLUME 1 to be added in patch 2.03, was teased in the Split Store

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  • Valorant is adding an anime-themed skin set in-game.
  • The new Valorant anime skins set includes gun buddy, weapon skins, and sprays.
  • The new GO VOLUME 1 anime skin was already teased in the Split Store.

Update: the price of the Valorant GO VOLUME 1 bundle has just been released

The Valorant GO Volume 1 bundle is priced at 8700 VP, which includes Phantom, Specter, Guardian, Ghost, and Melee in weapons. The bundle also includes 5 sets of Gunbuddies, Playercards, and Sprays. Individual GO VOLUME 1 guns are priced at 1775 VP, while the Melee will cost 3550VP.

Valorant had added some new things in the Split Store in patch 2.02, I personally had felt something strange about it and written everything here. The new editions in the Glitchpop Store had agent vinyl statues, agent posters, and a manga series among other things. It was actually a teaser for the upcoming GO VOLUME 1 skins set. The agent vinyl statues and the posters are actually gun buddies and weapon skins respectively.

Valorant anime skins set go volume 1 reyna variant
valorant GO VOLUME 1 Reyna variant

Valorant devs have revealed the new GO VOLUME 1 set on HITSCAN's YouTube channel today. The new set will be available in-game with patch 2.03, which should be out by tomorrow, 17 February 2021.

What does new Valorant GO VOLUME 1 skin set include?

The new Valorant GO VOLUME 1 skin set features five agents and includes weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, and cards. The five agents on the anime skin set are Sage, Reyna, Killjoy, Jett, and Cypher.

Valorant anime skins set go volume 1 cypher variant
Valorant GO VOLUME 1 Cypher variant

GO VOLUME 1 weapon skins

The new GO VOLUME 1 weapon skins have just an image of different Valorant agents on them. However, the specialty of the GO VOLUME 1 set is that the printed agent on your weapon is always going to face you, no matter what direction your gun is, and even if you have scoped in.

Valorant anime skins set go volume 1 sage variant
Valorant GO VOLUME 1 Sage variant

The melee of GO VOLUME 1 is also awesome because it looks like Jett's ultimate blades. You know what is more interesting, you get Jett's blades' animation too if you upgrade the melee.

Everyone is Jett now!

The GO VOLUME 1 gun buddies, sprays, and cards

Other things in the set also feature those five agents. For example, if you buy Jett's anime skin set, you will get everything that features Jett. Like Jett gun buddies, sprays, and cards.

The Valorant anime GO VOLUME 1 skin set other details

The price of the whole bundle is 8700 VP. Each gun costs 1775 VP, while the melee costs 3550 VP in GO VOLUME 1 skins set.

Which agent do you think Valorant should add next to the GO VOLUME collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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