Valorant First Strike North America: The Final 8

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Meet the teams that will be playing in the Valorant First Strike North America.

As we know the premier Valorant event "First Strike" is about to start on Thursday, December 3rd. So, here's a look at the regions top eight teams will be battling out for the $100,000 of the prize pool.

The Final Eight:

Valorant First Strike NA

100 Thieves

e86699a8 100t on
100 Thieves Valorant Roster

100 Thieves is a team that has proven everyone wrong. A lot of people doubted them in earlier tournaments and for good reason. They had just signed two new players back in October and it showed. They were constantly losing out matches and the team wasn't performing well. But luckily they got their act together and started winning matches and proved to the other teams that they are here to stay.

100 Theives' roster in First Strike:

  • Hiko
  • steel
  • nitr0
  • Asuna
  • dicey


Renegades logo on
Renegades Valorant

Renegades is a relatively unknown team in the Valorant community however, don't let that fool you. These guys can play and they have showed that they can easily defeat teams like C9.

Renegades' roster in First Strike:

  • Cp2
  • Winsum
  • randyySavage
  • Berghy
  • retrQ


sentinels val on
Sentinels Valorant Roster

Sentinels is a heavy hitter team. They go in, win rounds and make it look easy. They're easily one of the best Valorant teams globally. With Shahzam and Sinatraa, they look poised to win the Valorant First Strike NA.

Team Envy

team envy reveal valorant roster with fns and together we are terrific 800x400 1 on
Team Envy Valorant

Team Envy is another team to look out for during this tournament. They're extremely talented and have a roster to back that up. They won the NSG First Strike NA finals and that says something.

Team Envy's roster in First Strike:

  • FNS
  • mummAy
  • kaboose
  • food
  • crashies

Faze Clan

minimalist faze clan wallpaper 1920x1080 by octss dagwx7o fullview 1 on
Faze Clan

Faze Clan came in hot to the Valorant eSports scene. They have talented players that surprised everyone because no one took them seriously. But they came and conquered, well almost. They won the UMG First Strike Qualifiers and came in second in the finals by giving one hell of a fight to TSM.

Faze Clan roster in First Strike:

  • corey
  • ZachaREEE
  • Marved
  • babybay
  • Rawkus


VALORANT T1 1200x384 1 on
T1 Valorant

T1 Valorant made all the right noises when they announced that they'd be making a Valorant roster. With Skadoodle, brax, DaZed and others in the team they make up a deadly combination.

T1 roster in First Strike:

  • brax
  • AZK
  • Skadoodle
  • DaZed
  • Sypder


7a26e255 immortals on
Immortals Valorant

Immortals are a aggressive team that give a deadly to fight to their opponents. They have extremely talented and skilled players in their roster. However due to some reasons they had to bring Shanks to stand-in in the UMG Valorant First Strike Qualifiers and Finals.

Immortals roster in First Strike:

  • Genghsta
  • jcStani
  • neptune
  • jmoh
  • Shot_UP

Team SoloMid

T1xNSG Champions on
TSM Valorant Roster

TSM is hands down one of the best teams in the tournament. And they have trophies to back that up. They're absolutely dominating and do nothing except win. They come is as fan favorites as well.

TSM roster in First Strike:

  • reltuC
  • hazed
  • Wardell
  • Subroza
  • drone

Overall First Strike looks to be a highly entertaining and nail biting event with the caliber of teams present. It could be anyone's guess as to who will be crowned champions. The event starts on 3rd of December on Twitch and YouTube at official channels of Valorant Esports N.A.