Valorant teases Deadeye in the latest State of the Agents episode, explains other recent changes

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Valorant teases Deadeye in the latest State of the Agents episode, explains other recent changes: Valorant's next agent, which is supposedly codenamed Deadeye, is releasing in the next act. The developers have already started teasing the French agent. We have got the latest bit from today's State of the Agents episode. The devs have also tried to justify the brutal nerf that Jett received the last patch, among other agent changes.

Valorant Deadeye teased in latest State of the Agents episode

'It’s been a bit since our Robo Boyo KAY/O has been out neutralizing Radiants. While he's been out there adding to our pool of flashes, we've been refining our upcoming Agent', they have written.

'We took a step back and thought about different ways to provide another Sentinel to the roster. A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish. We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!'

Valorant teases Deadeye in the latest State of the Agents episode, explains other recent changes

It confirms that the upcoming Valorant agent Deadeye is going to be a sentinel agent and will join the likes of Killjoy, and Cypher. We are once again getting a new agent whose playstyle would be heavily dependent on gunplay, similar to the last agent KAY/O.

Riot has particularly been adding new agents who don't have 'flashy' abilities since the last few acts, keeping in mind the community's complaints. The 'precise gunplay' meme had become pretty popular.

You can stay tuned with us to know all about Deadeye.

Devs talk about the Jett Blade Storm nerf

Talking about Jett's Blade Storm and Cloudburst nerfs, the devs said, 'As you can see from Patch Notes 3.06, we believe that Jett brings something very unique to the table, and we want to preserve this space for her on the roster. At pro play/different MMR ranges we’re seeing patterns of play that fall far outside the space we carved for her as a Duelist. Our goal with Jett is an Agent that is used to capitalize on high mechanical skill outputs via precise gameplay. Currently, though, we’re seeing the Bladestorm right-click/alt-fire having an outsized effect on rounds without the need for pinpoint execution, for which it should require.'

'As we also mentioned in the notes, the number of Cloudburst smokes she had was making it easier than intended to bail out of risky situations. Reducing the number of smokes is intended to force Jett to use each smoke sparingly, with more calculation in mind. Ultimately, we believe this change should sharpen her identity.'

Other agent changes

They have also talked about Skye's nerfs and KAY/O's changes. 'The goal here is to increase KAY/O’s viability, and reduce some of the frustrating parts of playing against Skye (like how fast she can capitalize on her flash). If these tweaks are not enough, we’ll move the needle around until they are in a good spot.'

Yoru is likely to be buffed

Yoru has one of the lowest pick rates among all agents. Talking about Yoru, the devs said, 'We know what we want to do on the design front with Yoru, and we’re in the middle of gathering additional resources needed to support these changes. I know, not the most exciting update, but we wanted to let you know that Yoru isn’t collecting dust in the shop somewhere. Apologies to our Yoru mains, we really appreciate your patience on the delay here.'

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