10 Things every Gamer Hates!

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If you're a everyday gamer, there's a good chance that at least one of these things will bother you.  So here are 10 things that gamers hate.

1. Lag

Yes, this is the most common issue that every gamer hates. Lag and fewer FPS will ruin any game's fun. Sometimes the lag is so bad that you don't even get time to respond and get killed instantly. Now that games have achieved such a big advancement in graphics, even a small stone has so many textures.But the problem of lag is still not solved. Maybe you have a poor internet connection or probably have a potato PC. The frustration of lag can be dangerous sometimes. It makes everyone rage.
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2. Too many Tutorials

Sometimes game developers add too many tutorials and this becomes really annoying. They even teach you the basics of moving around and aiming at the target. Most of the time, a whole mission is dedicated to this basic tutorial. For any hardcore gamer, this will be very annoying. The pop-ups in the screen and giving hints to every single move is not needed. Tutorials should be short and brief or at least with a skip button.
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3. Hackers

This is the most common problem and every multiplayer gamer knows about this. Hackers ruin the game and dominate on everybody. With aimbots, walling, triggerbot, infinite ammo and what not. They will kill opponents in every possible way and sometimes even from behind the wall. Every CS:GO player knows and this makes you quit the game at once. Even popular games like PUBG are also having trouble with hackers. Playing against hacker is no fun!
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4. Bugs and Glitches

Does it ever happen that you almost completed one mission and due to some bug the game closes or starts from the beginning? This is also irritating and you fall into a loop of completing that mission. Your game freezes for no reason. To get it resolved you have to wait for developers to update. Some glitches are so bad that it works as hacks sometimes. Like you can spot enemy enemies even if they are behind smoke due to some graphical bug. And in the popular games like CS:GO, the player sometimes floats in the air. Also not to mention the grass growing on the floor and this is the most common and oldest glitch of all the games.
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5. Bad Teammates

Well if you play multiplayer games then you know the importance of teammates. Sometimes your teammates may e unskilled, or doesn't communicate properly or he is raging so badly that you have to mute him or kick him. On the other hand, random player sucks. Sometimes he becomes AFK(away from keyboard) and it becomes irritating. There are toxic players all around the world and you can't do anything about it. Abusing other players will make no change.  It's just a game!
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6. Parents

This might not be an issue with everybody out there, but for some it is. Maybe you are in a last intense situation of a game and you get your power disconnected because you are playing for too long. Some parents might think that gaming is a waste of time and should spend some time on other activities. And this leads to problems as you can't play games in your own house. Some even don't let their children play thinking it will damage their kid. And then kids get long unwanted lectures.
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7. In-game Buying

Sometimes some game will keep some customization option locked so that they can provide a buying option to unlock those stuffs. Let it be skins, clothes or unlocking a new level. This becomes unfair as player unlocks new levels and weapons by actually buying it instead of earning it. Spending money on a game that you already bought is annoying. Just to get better visual experience developers are looting us.
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8. Windows Key and Pop-Ups

We all have encountered this problem while playing games. Maybe you wanted to press the ctrl button but by mistake, you hit the windows start button. And your game minimizes taking a couple of seconds to restore. This sometimes causes games to freeze and you can't do anything about it. Even the in-between windows pop up like activation or anti-virus causes the same annoying problem. After restoring, you realize that you're already dead.
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9. Awesome Trailer but Poor Gameplay

You see a mind-blowing trailer of a game and decide to buy it, but after purchasing you realize that it is a poor game with fewer graphics and poor optimization. The trailer showed a completely new concept with amazing actions but the gameplay was like the Clash of Clans. And nowhere related to the trailer.
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10. Natures Call

This may not be the issue with single player as you can pause, but in a multiplayer game, it is. Games like PUBG we can't risk going away from mouse and keyboard. The pressure then becomes real. You have to end it fast or you die. Not every gamer will mention this but this is a problem too. You know you cannot sit there for too long!
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