List of Best BGMI players in India

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List of Best BGMI players in India: After waiting for more than ten months, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been available for the Indian audience. Battlegrounds Mobile India- An exclusive battle royale game developed by Krafton has taken the place of PUBG Mobile in India. However, the in-game features, mechanisms and playing style remains the same. As of now, the game is available in Playstore and Appstore for downloading.

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With the Official statement on the first official eSports tournament hosted by Krafton, fans are eagerly waiting to see their ideals performing in the official tournament. We have prepared a list of some of best BGMI players in India, who are expected to dominate in forthcoming official tournaments. However, it is worth mentioning that this list is not arranged in ranking order and doesn’t compare any BGMI esports player with others.

Best BGMI Players In India


 Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral is the most popular esports player in the Indian gaming community. Without a doubt, he comes among one of the best players in the world. With his unique controls and mind-blowing sensitivity, Jonathan has mastered zero recoil sprays, perfect grenades and lands flawless DMR shots. He has shown his dominance worldwide, where he is matched among the finest players from different regions. Currently, he is representing Godlike esports, one of the oldest and finest Indian eSports organizations.


 Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the most popular players who has been active on the eSports scene. He has represented India at many world-level events such as PEL, PMWL, PMCO Spring Split etc. Last year, he finished in the #2 position in PMWL from Orange Rock esports, the best performance delivered by any global team on the world level.


 Harmandeep Mavi, or Mavi, is the most successful IGL cum assaulter in the Indian PUBG mobile scene history. He has been the front face of Orange rock for a long and represented OR in many International tournaments. Recently, he has joined Team Soul as an eSports player. However, their synergy didn’t match up, and Scout and Mavi part away from Team Soul to form their lineup.


Raj “Snax “ Verma is a famous esports player and an entertaining streamer with over 1 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Snax is well-known in the community for his insane DP-28 bursts and perfect M416+6x sprays. Currently, Snax represents Team IND, and their lineup is performing well in scrims and official community events.


Ashpreet “GiLL” Singh comes among one of the most fantastic performers in PMPL Season 0. Apart from that, GiLL has joined Orange Rock and managed to secure #2 for the team in World League. Recently, GiLL has left OR esports. It is speculated that he will join TeamXspark, along with Mavi and Scout.

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