PUBG New State Release Date is Officially Out!!

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PUBG New State Release Date is Officially Out!!: Yes, you did read the title of the blog correctly. According to the latest news, Krafton has officially announced the PUBG New State launch date across the globe. Moreover, the developers also posted a brand new trailer for the game on their YouTube Channel.

PUBG New State Trailer

First, have a look at the official trailer of PUBG New State that features the final gameplay. The trailer is full of action and thriller guns that you will play along with your squad. Also, the new and improved graphics will enhance the overall gaming experience of veteran players.

As you can clearly see in the trailer, every player is quite hyped and makes the best use of the new gun mechanics. Further, we will see different vehicles that will change the way you see PUBG in the older version.

What is PUBG New State Release Date?

Soooooo....the official PUBG New State Release Date is 11 November 2021! It means we are left only with less than three weeks until you can download and install it. Players can easily get it on their respective devices as the game will be available on Google Play Store, App Store, and Galaxy Store accordingly. It is safe to say that the game will be on the global platform and will revolutionize the game tactics by Krafton.

Here are some snapshots from the real gameplay of PUBG New State,

pubg new state release date
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