[Exclusive] 8bit Thug Invitational Event: Team list and all you need to know

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[Exclusive] 8bit Thug Invitational Event: Team list and all you need to know: S8UL boss '8bit thug' is all set to host his first BGMI event. The event has been added to the BGMI esports calendar thus verifying it. Not much is available in the public domain about the thug BGMI invitational. However, our reliable sources have gathered details about the tournament like the invited teams' list and dates.

8bit thug Invitational Event

8bit thug Invitational Event is all set to begin from 14th August 2021. It is expected to be a 2 day event, where 20 top teams compete against each other to be the champion. The thug invitational tournament is expected to start from 5 pm and end at 8 pm each day, where teams will be playing 4 matches per day.

Teams expected to participate in BGMI thug invitational are:

  • SouL
  • Team Tapatap
  • Orange Rock
  • F1LS Esports
  • RedOwl Gaming
  • Skylightz Gaming
  • 7Sea Esports
  • RVNG Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Blind Esports
  • Team XO
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Marcos Gaming
  • IYD Esports
  • Team 8bit
  • Hydra Official
  • Coming soon
  • Element Esports
  • Team INS
  • Reckoning Esports

The list may change according to the availability of the teams.

The event will be broadcasted only in Hindi. 8bitThug will himself be the caster for the event and might be joined by other S8UL icons. Prizepool of the event is still not disclosed and is expected to be an Independence Day Special Event.

Animesh 'thug' Agarwal had organized such an event in the past year too before the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. According to our sources, season 2 of the Thug Invitational Event is going to be a Loco Original, keeping in mind how S8UL is contributing immensely to the India ka Apna platform Loco.

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This is the second edition of Thug Invitational Event

Blind Esports were the official champions of season 1 of the Thug Invitational Event. It will be very exciting to witness who emerges as a champion this time, keeping in mind this will be an android only tournament.

Last year, the Season 1 of Thug Invitational achieved great heights and broke records in terms of CCVs and engagements. This year keeping in mind, the drastic changes of many rosters and BGIS 2021 round the corner, Thug Invitational Season 2 may break previous records and set a new benchmark in the industry.

The event will be a treat to watch for the audience witnessing various in-game rivalries, drop clashes, Clutches and the one champion team.

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