S8UL Valorant: S8UL to re-sign T69 Valorant Roster

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S8UL Valorant: S8UL to re-sign T69 Valorant Roster: S8UL is all set to re-enter Valorant by signing the new roster of T69, as verified by our reliable sources. The signing announcement is expected to be made after Skyesports Championship 3.0.

S8UL Esports to sign T69 Valorant roster

Following the trend of roster shuffle in Indian Valorant, T69 has also signed former Enigma Gaming players namely Sameer 'godvexy' Sharma, Rishabh 'Ezzy' Gupta, and Saharyar 'BadmaN' Shaikh. Enigma Gaming had acquired Sabyasachi 'Antidote' Bose, Tejas 'Rexy' Kotian and Rishi 'RvK' Vijayakumar, the former two being ex-GodL players and RvK from F1LS following the disband.

T69 2.0 roster for Skyesports Championship 3.0 with new signings of godvexy, ezzy and BadmaN.

However, in response to a recent tweet, Animesh 'Thug' Agarwal, founder of 8bit Creatives, hinted towards the signing of the new roster of T69.

Also, in response to a fan asking about the potential announcement time span, Thug replied 'Very Soon!'.

Following the tweet, Mithul 'Binks' Nayak also announced on his stream a few moments later that T69 2.0 was going to be S8UL Esports, the roster will officially play under the name of S8UL after Skyesports Championship 3.0.

The new S8UL Valorant Roster

The 6 men roster of T69 for Skyesports Championship 3.0 is:

  • Saharyar 'BadmaN' Shaikh
  • Sameer 'godvexy' Sharma
  • Rishabh 'Ezzy' Gupta
  • Sahil 'strixx' Rane
  • Tanmay 'notFOX' Verma
  • Mithul 'Binks' Nayak

This roster is expected to be signed by S8UL with BadmaN being the IGL.

Another hint was where Global Esports announced the 'Fight Night' a BO5 tournament where alongside Global Esports, Velocity Gaming, T69 and Team XO were invited, where name 'S8UL' was used for T69.

Fight Night announcement where T69 has registered under S8UL.

A few months ago, Sid Joshi, current S8UL manager had revealed the acquisition of 3 players of Enigma Gaming including BadmaN which had left fans in awe and confusion regarding the roster shuffle of the well-performing Enigma roster back then.

S8UL had entered in Valorant by signing of Innocent 5 (T69 before S8UL disband) on 4th March 2021 but the roster failed to perform and was no sooner dropped on 8th May which then renamed to T69.

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