I would ask orgs to not kick out players when they are not performing, says ExtraOrdinnary

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If you follow Indian esports (specially BGMI and PUBG Mobile) and also are on Youtube, there is a fair chance that you have watched ExtraOrdinary. Rishi Pratim Pattanayak of Gamzo sat down with ExtraOrdinnary to talk about his journey and Indian esports in general. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Who is Extra 0rdinnary and where did his journey begin?

Extra 0rdinnary is an esports enthusiast, who loves to cover all the gaming community despite the differences. My aim is to deliver actual esports news for the gaming community. My journey began in July 2018.

Where did you get the idea of your name, Extra 0rdinnary?

I got the idea from this friend of mine who was holding his pen in an unusual way. So, I asked him about it, to which he replied, 'you are ordinary and I'm extraordinary. So, from there I got the idea.

For how many years have you been following esports?

I have been interested in games since childhood but I started following and covering esports only after the launch of PUBG mobile.

Did you have a controversy with any player or organizer in the past?


Then why don't you cover controversies on your channel usually? What is the reason behind it?

The main reasons I don't cover controversies are: one, controversies are mostly rage moments between players. Rage happens among the players very often. They are impulsive decisions that are not meant to be serious. I want a healthy esports news environment for the gaming community and covering controversies are not a good addition to it. Two, I selectively cover the controversies when I know the full side of the story and also if it doesn't affect the players' mental health. Plus, I cover the controversies only if they are for the awareness of the gaming community like a scamming organization, tournament etc. So, there are a lot of if's and but's.

Rather than providing gaming news and leaks, did Extraordinary ever think of playing professionally?

No way! I'm just a casual gamer, playing serious esports is not my forte.

You have not been sponsored or recruited by any team or organisation just yet. What are your plans? Do you want to move beyond your Youtube channel?

Yes, I do want to join teams/organizations if they offer a good deal. I have got calls from few organizations previously but they were not offering a good deal. So, a good organization with a good deal is the priority.

As of now, you are delivering two to three videos in a day. How do you manage your timing? What do you eat for breakfast?

Jake lucky, who recently got nominated for Esports Awards, posts
3-4 videos a day. I take inspiration from him. I want to get nominated for the esports awards.

Consistency is all about management and management is about being disciplined. I have my own schedule set which keeps me disciplined and therefore helps me in time management and consistency. As for the breakfast, I won't reveal.

If you had superpowers, what are the things that you would change in Indian esports?

Our esports is lagging behind because there is little to no collaboration between PC and Mobile communities. There is discrimination between mobile games too, like BGMI vs Free Fire. I believe all the games should be treated equally because it's a 'Gaming' community.

I would ask esports organizations to not kick out players when they are not performing. Everyone has bad phases in their lives. Instead, orgs should help the players physically and mentally in tackling their problems.

Also, there is no support from the Government regarding esports in India. Like many foreign countries, the Indian government should also support the esports environment in India. Esports should be treated as a sport. Last but not least, Love over Hate, every player in the gaming community should help and support each other.

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