All voice lines of Yoru Valorant agent leaked, here is the compilation

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Yoru is the latest upcoming agent in Valorant. After many details, the voice lines of the Yoru Valorant agent have also been leaked.

It's only a few days before the hyped Valorant fans get to play the latest Duelist agent Yoru. Many details about Yoru have already been leaked, like he is from Japan, he probably is a Samurai etc. All four of his abilities have also been leaked. Like any other Radiant agent in Valorant, Yoru also possesses super-natural powers. His abilities hint that he has the powers to manipulate space and time, and now this has been confirmed by his voice lines.

We actually get to know a lot more about him after listening to his voice lines. So here are the leaked voice lines, listen to it yourself.

New agent "Yoru" leaked voice lines. Credits: Ni8MARE GAMING. Valorant's subreddit doesn't have the "no leaked video allowed" so yeahI hope this is ok from r/VALORANT

Do let us know in the comments below about what you deduce from his voice lines.

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