Best Among Us Imposter Tricks for Beginners | Works on both PC and Mobile

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  • Best Imposter tricks to win in Among Us
  • Suitable for both PC and mobile version

If you are active in the gaming world, I don’t think you haven’t heard the name Among Us yet! It is one of the most viewed games on the planet right now. It is basically a $5 game back from 2018 and is available to download and play on PC. A free version is also available for the mobile platforms and you can get it from Play Store. We expect that you must be aware of the basic functioning of the game. So, let’s begin with 500 IQ Imposter Tricks to Win Among Us.

Imposter Trick #1 Pretend to Complete Tasks

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It is one of the most used tricks in the game right now. Crewmates move around the map to complete their assigned tasks. However, you just have to pretend that you are also a part of the crew and trying to help them in completing tasks. This allows you to wait for the best time to kill the player and move ahead.

Moreover, don’t try to imitate visual tasks such as Empty garbage, Empty Shute, Clear Asteroids, Submit Scan etc. It is visible to other players that whether you are actually doing it or not.

Imposter Trick #2 Sabotage Whenever Possible

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Don’t miss the chance to Sabotage the map. It will create some problems in the spaceship and crewmates will need to run to solve the issue. You can easily utilise this time to kill a player as everyone will be busy. Just wait for the correct moment and don’t panic. You can sabotage several times as it will regenerate over time.

Imposter Trick #3 Move in Vents

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Certain vents are present in the map that can only be accessed by an imposter. You can hide in those places and wait for an innocent crewmate. You have to be quick as if anyone saw you moving through that vent, you could be busted. Also, you can move from one vent to another without exposing yourself.

Imposter Trick #4 Act Clueless in Chat

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Don’t try to be over-smart during the discussion or voting time. Try to blend with what everyone is saying and avoid keeping your own opinion. This allows you to carry on your work silently rather than kicking out your partner or even yourself. In most of the cases, skipping your vote would be the best option.

Imposter Trick #5 Close Doors for Privacy

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Whenever you kill or try to kill someone, shut down the nearby gates to avoid anyone seeing you. You can do this in the sabotage option itself. Just click of the icon and it will close doors and won’t allow anyone to enter. Do your job and leave the area without being a suspect.

Follow these simple tricks to help you win any game of Among Us. Don’t panic in complicated situations and try to stay calm. Keep thinking and make the best use of stated tricks. Make sure to tell in the comment section about your special techniques to win the game. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more updates.