Everything About BGMI M4 Royal Pass Timing | RP Lock and Tier Reset

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Everything About BGMI M4 Royal Pass Timing | RP Lock and Tier Reset: As you already know that we are quite close to the ending of the BGMI M3 Royal Pass. Players are looking forward and want to know what Krafton is hiding in the next month RP. Well, our team at Gamzo did a lot of research and bring you the latest news on BGMI M4 Royal Pass Timing and other details. If you want to know more, go through the following sections of the blog.

What is BGMI M4 Royal Pass Timing?

bgmi m4 royal pass timing

The final time when the RP will end is already mentioned in the game page itself. According to the Indian time zone, the M3 RP will end by 05:29am (IST) on October 18. Moreover, we recommend you using all the limited items in your inventory. Otherwise, they will expire and you will not be able to redeem exciting rewards.

Moving further, RP lock will stay for 2 hours, from 05:30am to 07:29am on the same day. Finally, once everything is set, M4 RP release date and time is 18 October at 07:30am (IST).

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The best part is that Tier will NOT reset after this period is over. It is quite a good news for players who are pushing to Ace or Conqueror. Thus, you can keep grinding with your squad and maintain high K/D. Make sure you don't miss out this golden opportunity.

Clan Battles in BGMI M4 Royal Pass

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Simialr to the Clan Battles happened in August and September, we will again get them this time. The players from the winning clan will get the following perks accordingly,

  • Permanent Parachute Skin
  • Clasic Crates
  • AG Currency

You will need to register from the same that will begin once M4 RP is rolled inside the game. However, you can only play it after 4-5 days, ie. most probably from 23rd October. Thus, you can call active players in the clan and remove low rank members. It will help you win more easily and get those rewards in your account. Note down the BGMI m4 Royal Pass Timing in your calendar.

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