BGMI October Mega Modes: Runic Power in BGMI

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BGMI October Mega Modes: Runic Power in BGMI: Krafton has announced mega modes in BGMI, where old popular events of PUBG Mobile will come back to the game. In this mega mode, the most favourite Runic Power mode has been re-introduced to the game. This runic power mode can be accessed under the Evoground section of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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With the launch of this season update, developers are continuously teasing about returning various game modes such as Infection mode, Survival Till Dawn, and Runic Power. However, with the release of the 1.6 update, these modes are not initially introduced to the game. Recently, Krafton has confirmed that players can access these modes with the October month patch update.

As of now, players can easily access the Runic Power mode under the Evoground section. In this article, we will be discussing How to play Runic Power in BGMI.

Runic Power In BGMI

The new model has been introduced under the Evoground section and can only be played on the Erangel map. Also, this mode is available in the game for a limited time. Players can access runic power in BGMI on specific days. If you’re unaware of this mode, runic power in BGMI will offer you three special powers- Wind, Ice and Flame. You can choose any of these powers before entering the match to enhance your abilities and combat skills.

Wind Power

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The wind rune creates a shield around the player, which decreases the bullet damage of the enemy. Also, it increases the overall movement of the player and increases the damage on the ice walls.

Flame Power

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With this power, you can quickly rush towards your enemy as soon as you spot them. This power will roll a flame wheel with a burning effect. Also, this power can destroy the windshield power quickly.

Ice Wall

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The Ice wall or the Arctic rune power is the best among all the powers in runic mode. This power suits those players who have defensive gameplay. While you get caught by enemies in the open, you can use this power to form an ice wall, which will work as a cover for you.

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