ANTIDOTE joins GodLike Esports, might debut in the roster on 6 June 2021

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GodLike Esports have announced the most recent addition to the team as Sabyasachi 'Antidote' Bose in an Instagram post today. Antidote is most likely to be the new IGL of the team.

Antidote had announced on 15th May on stream with Velocity Gaming owner Manoj “Sentinel” Kasyap, a shocking move to leave Velocity Gaming, known at the time as Team Mahi.

Reasons cited at the time were Antidote wanting to try out new roles and agents within the team structure, and the existence of players like rite2ace and Amaterasu who are far more experienced in the roles Antidote was looking to play. It was said on stream that him stepping down was on good terms, and he genuinely wanted to try different things in his career. 

Antidote has repeatedly stated, theres is no bad blood between him and his former teammates, unlike the recent exit of former teammate Excali. 

In another surprising decision, Godlike Esports have announced they will be adding Antidote to their roster.  

His role in the team as of right now, is unclear, with recent addition Vishal “haivaan” Sharma being the primary controller and in game leader of the team. It is unknown who Antidote will be replacing in the starting lineup, and if Antidote will play for GodLike Esports at the Rooter Rise of Legends game against Enigma Gaming.

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The new final roster is expected to debut at the Lethal Esports Invitational - Season 1, against Reckoning Esports on the 6th of June, 3PM.