BGMI Patch Notes 1.6, these awesome things are coming with BGMI 1.6 update

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BGMI Patch Notes 1.6, these awesome things are coming with BGMI 1.6 update: Here's the preview of our upcoming update for every Indian player updating to the new version. You can read about BGMI M4 royale pass leaks and the expected release date here. We provide two classic crate coupons. You can also get the Cell Matrix lobby background item for watching the new update theme video. So, do not miss the chance.

BGMI Patch Notes: Flora Menace release date

Our new theme mode, Flora Menace Mode, will be updated to Erangle on September 17th, Sanhok on September 18th and Livik on September 22nd. You can enter the mode by checking the mode check box.

Alien plants called 'Yarilo' will occupy some cities and build a special barrier. Do you think it is because plants are absorbing energy from the city? Your health will slowly regenerate in the rejuvenation barrier when you are not engaging the opponents.

What is Dinahex Supply Shop in BGMI 1.6?

A special system for the fight against alien forces is coming. Gather Nacores on the field and press the button below the mini-map on the right to enter the Dinahex Supply Shop, where you can purchase diverse items for the battle. You can order advanced items like Groza, Spetsnaz Helmet and Backpack (lvl 3). The ordered items will be delivered to your position via a supply capsule.

Cell Matrix: BGMI patch notes 1.6

There is a Cell Matrix airship in the sky of Erangel, but the Cell Matrix which used to be the hope of escaping is now out of control because of intruders. We should retrieve the cell matrix through battle. Cell matrix appears only in Erangel, and you can enter cell metrics through beehive shapes spreading across the map.

Cell Matrix in BGMI 1.6: BGMI Patch Notes 1.6, these awesome things are coming with BGMI 1.6 update

You can enter the cell only for a certain period when it's activated. Limited respawn chances are given in the cell metric and you should fight against the infected Cell Matrix robots and enemies. You can fight with random weapons that change after a certain period. If your respawn chances expire, you are leaving the Cell Matrix and will be moved to the ground.

You can find many Nacores in the cell metrics and you can get Nacores by defeating the cell metrics robots. So, please keep that in mind. If you go to the location marked as Cell Matrix Robot on your mini-map various robots including those with overwhelming firepower will come out from the capsules to attack you.

Cell Matrix Robot in BGMI 1.6 update: BGMI Patch Notes 1.6, these awesome things are coming with BGMI 1.6 update

Defeating them will give you items, so, take it as a challenge and try to obtain items fast.

Mission Ignition features are coming back in BGMI 1.6 update

Features from previous Mission Ignition mode including Riot Sheild, Tactical Marking Device, Air Conveyor, ASM Abakan and Automatic Drop also appears in the new Flora Menace mode. So make good use of them in your battle.

Fatal Contamination Event: BGMI patch notes 1.6

Have you found a strange item in the Flora Menace mode? Keep it well. If you enter the Fatal Contamination event through the lobby banner, you can sell Epic Purple, Vine and Yarilo Specimen, which are samples found only in the Flora Menace mode. Sell them to Anna to get Research Supply Tokens.

You can get these samples and Research Supply Tokens through daily missions. Every Wednesday and Sunday, you can also get them at Carlo's Sacred Stash. You can exchange your tokens for permanent skins or other items. So, do not miss the chance.

New AI mode in Livik: BGMI update 1.6

Livik is under the AI invasion. Team up with your friends and defeat the AI's. You may enter mode: Versus AI at the mode selecting screen by selecting the difficulty, and you can play as a squad as well!

Since everyone other than your team is AI you can win the game by defeating them.

Flight Route update in BGMI patch notes 1.6

Flight Route is an important element in predicting the opponent's position and establishing a tactic. You can now check the flight route, which used to be displayed only at the beginning of the game, any time on your mini-map. Check it by clicking on the 'Show Route' button.

What are Death Replay and Highlights in BGMI?

Death replay shows how you were finished and the Highlight shows how you defeated your opponents. Highlight works in the Classic mode, and you can view the highlights in match results, statistics and moments. Share your super play with your friends.

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Layout updates in BGMI patch notes 1.6

Diverse setting options for players' convenience is added. Settings UI is also improved. If you activate merging, crouching, and laying prone setting at the basic setting, the prone key is hidden, and you can crouch by pressing the crouch key and go prone by holding the crouch key.

Sprint Sensitivity in BGMI 1.6 update patch notes

Attention all sprinters. Sprint sensitivity feature helps you set the level. Enable this by moving the left joystick to accelerate your character from the stationary status to sprinting. You can adjust the sensitivity from 0 to 100 at the basic sprint sensitivity the default value is 50. The higher the value the less you have to move your joystick to sprint.

Anti Aliasing update in BGMI patch notes 1.6

Levels are added to the anti-aliasing setting, which used to have only on and off settings. Have you been hesitating to use the setting because of heat and battery consumption, even if it improves the resolution? Now, the setting is divided into off, 2x, and 4x. So, you can adjust the levels to the one that fits your device.

Bandage usage in BGMI 1.6 update

You can set if you are going to use the bandages you have, continuously, depending on your HP or manually use them one by one.

Transparent UI in BGMI patch notes 1.6

Activate 'Allow of toggling of transparent UI Mode in matches' at the Basic. Then, you can toggle the transparent UI by tapping and holding the game logo on the top during the match. Although you can not see them, they are still functioning. To make them opaque again, tap and hold the logo again.

Combat and weapon updates in BGMI patch notes 1.6

Activate 'basic headshot sound effects'. If you hit the enemy's head, then you will hear an sfx that sounds like hitting the actual helmet.

As basic focal length adjustment setting is added, you can select either tapping or holding to adjust your scope distance.

The sticky bomb, which is an essential item in Karakin, is added to the auto pickup. You can set the number of sticky bombs at the pickup setting.

Durability of UAZ and Minibus is slightly increased.

P1911, Famas, and MK12 are added to the arena mod configuration. P90, MG3, and ASM Abakan are added to the training grounds. For the players who use lots of ammo in the training grounds, infinite ammo is provided automatically.

Quality of Life updates in BGMI patch notes 1.6

  • Camera vibration at the exploding frag grenade is slightly improved.
  • A slight improvement is made on the health bar to indicate momentary multiple health reduction faster.
  • The firing animation of the Deagle has become smoother.
  • Character movement is optimized and will become smoother.
  • Animation for dropping from the plane or in the air and landing animations are improved.
  • Movement and print, pivot turn, and swimming motions are improved.
  • Distance is added to the universal marker voice in the chatting interface.
  • Expression effect for 'enemies ahead' on the minimap is improved.
  • The issue that scope slightly moves horizontally when the characters stand up from the crouching position while aiming is solved'

Tier protection in BGMI post 1.6 update

The tier protection priority is arranged as follows.

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Other updates in BGMI Patch notes 1.6

  • Tier growth graph and comparison features are added to the career data.
  • Rewards and achievements are added, and overall UI artwork and systems are improved.
  • The Buddy outfit system is added.

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Metro Royal and Titans Lasting are coming in BGMI 1.6 updates

Beginning from September 28th modes loved by many players will return for a while. These returns will begin with "Metro Royal' Mode and 'Titans Lasting' mode. You can play these beloved modes for a limited time.

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